Please take time to VOTE tomorrow November 2, 2021.

 It would be my privilege to continue as your tax collector.

It was my honor to be elected, by the residents of Northampton Township, for a two year term in 2019. I maintain Act 48 Tax Collector Qualification CLE’s, in addition to networking with other Bucks County tax collectors and the other members of the Bucks County Association of Township Officials.  

Having served as a Township Supervisor, I maintain substantial experience in the day-to-day fiscal operations of our municipal and county governments.  My office enjoys being able confidently address our residents’ concerns, which in turn ensures the timely collection of tax payments. 

Meeting one’s tax obligations can be stressful, especially for those residents impacted by illness, a loss of employment or even the death of a spouse who typically handled the household finances.  It is very important that tax office staff treat residents with compassion and patience.  In fact, I even make “house calls” to assist residents who cannot otherwise come to our office for in-person assistance.  Currently, Northampton Township has 23 veterans who are 100% disabled and their tax obligations garner specialized consideration under applicable tax laws. 

Thank you for your continued trust in my public service.

Our office has not missed a single day of processing tax payments during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We did so while observing CDC restrictions and guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and the residents we serve.  
Tax Office Achievements and Accomplishments

  • Modernized Office with updated solid-state servers & updated software
  • Implemented Credit card and ACH payment system
  • Deputized Office staff – Continued training on a bi-monthly CLE basis
  • Member of Bucks County & PA Tax Collectors Associations
  • Deputy (Deb) is 2021 Certified PA Tax Collector Designation (C.P.T.C.)

Respectfully Submitted,          


New OCCUPATIONAL TAX bills mailed

PLEASE READ: 2021-22 Occupational Tax Bill
Over the holiday weekend, the District became aware that there was an issue with the 2021-22 occupation tax bills that were recently mailed to CR residents.  This error was the result of the bill printing company using the incorrect tax rate.  This was not an error made by the tax collectors or the School District.  The printing company has agreed to send a revised occupation tax bill to residents, and the tax collectors will return any incorrect payments.  We recommend waiting to pay your occupation tax bill until you receive a revised bill.  (Real estate tax bills were not affected and may be paid at this time).The District appreciates that the tax collectors promptly identified this issue and are working very hard to resolve it with as little inconvenience as possible.  If you have any additional questions, you may contact your local tax collector Business / Real Estate and Occupational Tax (  or the CRSD Tax Office at 215-944-1090.

Appeals for Residential Appeals


Residential Appeal Form

Rules Governing the Appeal Hearing for Residential Appeals

1.The aggrieved party of record must execute the Notice of Intention to Appeal.

2.Completed Annual Appeal Forms and a non-refundable $125.00 filing fee for each parcel payable to Bucks County Board of Assessment must be returned and on file in the office of the Board of Assessment appeals, or postmarked on or before August 2, 2021.Do not send cash through the mail.

3.Completed Interim Appeal Forms must be returned and on file in the office of the Board of Assessment Appeals, or postmarked on the appeal dead linedate printed on your recent assessment revision notice for interim appeals. There is a non-refundable filing fee of $125.00 for Interim Appeals. Do not send cash through the mail.

4.Any Appeal forms received after or postmarked after the designated filing date will be rejected as untimely filed.Facsimiles of appeal forms will be rejected

5.The aggrieved party or authorized attorney must be present at the hearing unless waiver is signed (see appeal form). The Board may determine exceptions in instances of unique or significant hardships.

6.All forms provided by the Board of Assessment Appeals must be executed by the aggrieved party. If using a legal representative, then the aggrieved party shall provide a separate originally executed attorney authorization document. Appellants must use forms provided by Bucks County Board of Assessment. Incomplete, altered or illegible forms will not be accepted.

7.Appraisers preparing appraisal reports (under Pennsylvania Statute) will be permitted to testify and express opinions in the field of their expertise along with the aggrieved parties and/or their attorney.

8.Evidence of Market Valuea.An appraisal report prepared for the subject property by a Pennsylvania Certified Real Estate Appraiser in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice(USPAP) can be submitted as evidence of market value. A copy of a recent completed appraisal should be submitted with appeal form, or provided to the Board at least 10 days prior to the scheduled hearing date.b.Check sales within the last 18 months of similar properties in your neighborhood. SIMILAR refers to style, location, value, quality of construction, physical characteristics and market area. Spaces are provided on the appeal form to list similar properties. Photos of your property and those listed on the form would be helpful to the Board in its determination.*In addition to A or B, if you purchased the property within the last 18 months submit a copy of your settlement sheet along with the completed appeal form as further evidence of market value. SETTLEMENT SHEETS CANNOT BE THE ONLY SOURCE OF EVIDENCE.

9.The Board may examine all witnesses and may request additional information or data to be provided within a specified time after the hearing in order to establish the market value.

10.The aggrieved party and authorized attorney, if applicable, will be notified by mail 20 days priorto the hearing as to the location, date, and time of hearing.No postponements will be granted.

11.Failure of the aggrieved party or authorized attorney to appear at the hearing, after due notice thereof, shall be considered an abandonment of the appeal and grounds for dismissal.The filing fee will not be returned.

12.Group appeals must be represented by an attorney.December 2020