Exciting Council Rock School District answer to our #1 burning question!


Can residents expect a school tax refund since the schools are not opening until September 29 and not operating at full capacity?


The Department of Education requires that school districts educate its students for a minimum of 180 days in a school year, and there is no exception to the mandate at this time.  Although the model will look significantly different than the traditional schooling, the financial picture of the District does not materially change. 

Professional staff will still be teaching five days per week in the virtual environment, and will receive their contractual salary and benefits.  The same is true for the majority of our support staff members who provide critical services supporting the classroom; support that, we will argue, is imperative during virtual instruction. 

Salaries and benefits account for 76 percent, or almost $188 million, of the total District expenditures.  It is true that there will be some operational savings because of the virtual start, but these savings are more than likely going to be offset by the costs associated with personal protective equipment (PPE) and additional equipment to facilitate this year’s virtual instruction. 

At last estimate, those costs will be approximately $3.6 million.  For context, the District budgeted to spend $1.7 million for utilities for all buildings for the entire year.  So, even if the buildings were completely shut down for the entire year (which is not practical), the District will still need to come up with an additional $1.9 million to cover the additional PPE.  State and federal funding for reopening costs has also been insufficient to date, totaling only $1.1 million.  Furthermore, the above cost estimate does not include additional expenses incurred by the District if families elect to enroll their students in charter schools. 

The District must pay either $14,886 per regular education student or $43,037 per special education student to attend the charter school, and the costs of this mandate could become very significant if families choose this option.  (And because there is no state reimbursement for this mandate, the costs are borne by the local community). 

More information on the District’s financial outlook and how the coronavirus has impacted the District’s finances can be found by viewing the April 16 and May 7 Finance Committee meetings, and the June 3 Budget Forum.

FACE Tax amount extended

The Bucks County Commissioners & Northampton Township Supervisors extended the date until the County/Township Real estate taxes are due until July 30th.  Beginning July 31th the PENALTY kicks in.  Sorry!

At their April 22, 2020 meeting, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Northampton Township Board of Supervisors, adopted a resolution to eliminate a penalty charge on the Township and County Real Property Taxes Levied in 2020 as well as the Township Municipal Waste & Recycling Materials Collection & Disposal Fees paid between June 30 and July 30, 2020. The same action was taken by the Bucks County Commissioners on April 1, 2020. CLICK HERE to view the Resolution.

The Bucks County Commissioners & Northampton Township Supervisors did NOT extend the DISCOUNT date.



We appreciate everyone’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19.  Everyone’s safety is essential.

DEAR NORTHAMPTON RESIDENTS – northampton township seal (2)

Tax Collectors are local government officials and per the Governor’s office are considered essential (life sustaining), we are not required to close under Governor Wolf’s Order. We are closed to the public. Your payments will be filed in a timely manner. Everyone’s goal must be to reduce personal contact everyone’s safety.

2% Discount collection period ends April 30. We continue to accept tax payments utilizing non-personal contact. We continue to be available to taxpayers by phone, fax & email –

  • TELEPHONE 215-357-1343
  • FAX 215- 357 – 074
  • Credit cards twptax.com  (2.75% third party fee applied)
  • On-line payment        twptax.com  (ACH fees apply)
  • As always please call us to if you require special accommodations.
  • US. Postal Service & Drop box –

Vincent Deon – Tax Collector

815 Bustleton Pike

Richboro, PA 18954


000paEffective April 1, 2020: The Governor has issued Orders to stay home in All Pennsylvania Counties across the state. This requires all persons to stay home “unless someone’s life depends on it”. This order is in effect until April 30. Recently, we received the following opinion from the Governor’s Office: We must remain in compliance with the social distancing and other mitigation measures which have been established by the Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as currently in effect or as may be amended in the future. Virtual and telework operations (e.g. work from home) must be the primary option when available. In-person work at a business site is only to be performed on the most limited basis possible to deliver the services or goods of your life-sustaining business.


00cdcBecause we have a unique set of circumstances, it is important for us to follow the lead of Northampton Township, Bucks County Government, Council Rock School District and the Bucks County Health Department. Please adhere to CDC guidelines of washing hands, sneezing in the elbow, disinfecting, social distancing, etc. Social distancing is a proven method of slowing the spread of the coronavirus and must be part of your mitigation efforts.